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NATO's member nations have entrusted the NATO Defense College (NDC) to provide a quality education to their officers and civilian officials for more than 70 years. The College's essential mission is to prepare senior officers, diplomats and civilian officials to hold positions in NATO, in NATO related posts in their capital, and in other multinational organizations. Doing so involves a process of education in strategic thinking, collaborative decision making skills, and in working in a multinational environment. Sensitivity to cultural and language differences, national positions, regional perspectives, and negotiated consensus are all a part of the process. In a unique multinational setting, we develop what we call "human interoperability” as an important part of the interoperability and standardization required to have a 30 member alliance function. The program of study includes world class lecturers on nearly every aspect of the international security environment, intense committee discussion in groups of nine or ten, both individual and group writing, and case studies and exercises in collaborative decision making.